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Italian and Chinese Food

Indian Food

Our Vision

To enhance our market presence by opening Pizzicato in big city of Haryana (Karnal). we ensure a significant winning business and brand presence by providing high quality products and achieving a lead in Italian and Chinese Food.

Our Mission

  • To strive hard to achieve and reach the vision of ours through commitment, creativity, dedication, continuous self improvement and team work.
  • To provide high quality brand products that gains the trust of all our clientele and consumers.
  • To reach every home and corporate through our innovative and customized product range, deals and catering and corporate services and provide value for money to all our esteemed clients.
  • To make every occasion extra special for you and your loved ones by taking care of those special needs and offering a wide range.
  • To enhance customers experience, customer loyalty and satisfaction by bridging a strong connection and meeting their expectations.
  • To open as much as Franchisee we can throughout in India. our three Franchisee are opening shortly in Haryana.



Opening Hours

  • Wednesday to Monday- 11 AM to 11 PM
  • Tuesday Closed
  • Ph. No : 0184-4024786, 0184-4024787

Contact Information

  • Aachman Chaurasia
    Pizzicato, 11, Club Market, Karnal
  • 0184-4024786, 0184-4024787
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